Is laser hair removal right for you?

As November rolls around, many men around Australia proudly sport moustaches to support the “Mo-vember” movement. However, for ladies who have more facial hair than the average this can be an awkward time as people joke about your ‘lady-mo’. Laser hair removal can be a great option to permanently remove (or reduce) facial hair in women. 

Here are some tips on making sure that your laser removal treatment is the right option for you. 

Check that the treatment is right for you

Before you commit to a schedule of treatments, it’s a good idea to check that the treatment would be suitable for the type of hair that you have. Generally, there needs to be a contrast between the colour of the hair and colour of the skin for the treatments to be effective, which can mean that very pale people with fine facial hair may not have as effective results as paler skinned people with darker hair. New options for darker skinned people, including the Nd:Yag laser hair removal, can be much more effective than traditional machines. A specialist can help to select a technique with the best chance of success on your skin. 

Investigate the cause of your excessive hair growth

If you have a genetic tendency to heavy hair growth then laser hair removal can be very effective. However, if the cause of your hair growth is hormonally driven, laser hair removal can cause a temporary reduction in facial hair, but the hair may return if your hormone levels continue to fluctuate. It can be very useful to get a medical check in case you have an issue causing the hair removal, such as a thyroid hormone imbalance or other hormonal triggers that can cause the hair to regrow after the treatments have ended. Treating the underlying issues can be a great way to ensure the effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment. 

Confirm you can commit to the treatments

Once you have confirmed that laser hair removal is right for you, be sure to turn up to your appointments on time. Hair grows in cycles of about 6 weeks, so it’s important to have appointments every 6 weeks or so to catch the new cycle of growth. In order to complete the hair removal, you will need to commit to a series of sessions, depending on how much hair there is to remove, so the entire treatment could take up to a year. It’s a good idea to consider whether you can commit to this treatment before you start to ensure you get the maximum benefit. 

Laser hair removal can be a great way to remove your facial hair and live a hair-free life. Before you start you should confirm if the treatment is suitable for your facial hair and lifestyle by talking to a specialist. 

Simple Homemade Hair Masks

Curly hair can often become dry because the natural oils in the follicles find it hard to travel from root to tip. Washing and blow drying your hair everyday can also add to this issue, which is often a problem for regular gym goers who may need to shower a couple of times a day. A good salon will be able to offer advice and guidance on how to maintain healthy, shiny hair, as well as stock various hairdressing supplies that can be purchased over the counter. However, for times when you aren’t able to have a special salon treatment, there are a few natural ways that people with dry hair, whether it’s curly or not, can enrich it with added moisture.

Avocado Hair Mask

Creating a hair mask is quick and easy, and it requires just one ingredient. The avocado is known for it’s abundance of healthy oils and plant proteins, and can help to moisturise your hair whenever it needs a quick boost. Just mash up one avocado and massage it through your hair, covering each hair from the root right through to the tip and leave in for 15-20 minutes before washing out. Adding an essential oil such as lavender can help to fragrance your hair and create a more luxurious mask, whilst adding extra oil such as olive oil will intensify it’s moisturising effects. Natural masks like this are great if you want to reduce the amount of unnatural chemicals you expose yourself to.  

Olive Oil Mask

Olive oil is also a great conditioner to use and is more cost effective than using avocado. To make an olive oil mask, you just need a couple of tablespoons of oil that have been gently heated until warm, then massage the oil throughout your hair and leave it to sit for 15 minutes. Wrapping your hair in a warm towel or using a shower cap will stop you from making a mess, and the added heat will encourage the oil to penetrate the follicles. When you’re ready, just wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo and dry. Try this mask once a week, and if you find your hair gets dry quickly then just increase the number of treatments you use. 


Just like avocado, yoghurt is full of healthy fats and proteins that can replace the oils lost in damaged hair. According to Little Green Dot the lactic acids within it can also help to remove dead hair cells and encourage new hair growth. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Anti-Ageing Skin Product Based On Your Skin Type

Finding the perfect anti-ageing skin product can be overwhelming especially because there are so many products in the market. You will evaluate a wide range of factors before you get the best product. One of the major things you should be concerned about is your skin type. Not every product is suitable for everyone so it’s important to know yourself. Here is how to make the best decision.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, it will feel tight after washing it and it’s usually characterised by a dull complexion with a few patches of flakiness, irritation, and redness. Dry skin can also feel rough and tough to the touch. If this description fits your kind of skin, consider using thick and rich creams and lotions. These products have a creamy consistency that works best for dry skin since it requires a product with moisturising properties. Also, look for products that contain hydrating ingredients such as glycerine that will help to draw moisture to the surface of your skin. When using these products, apply them to damp skin to help seal in moisture.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is usually shiny and has larger pores, especially around the chin, nose, and forehead. Since oily skin has excess sebum on the surface, it is usually characterised by inflammation and clogged pores. This is why if you have this type of skin, your skin surface will be prone to visible blemishes such as pimples. Water-based or oil-free products are usually ideal for this type of skin.

Combination Skin

This is the case where your skin is oily at some areas and dry at others. Sometimes combination skin type can manifest itself in different climates. For instance, your skin may get oily in summer and dry in winter. For combination skin, water-based and light or midweight lotions usually work well. However, to balance your skin, identify the oily and dry spots and apply the required products for each.

Normal Skin

This skin type is neither dry nor oily. Normal skin offers greater flexibility in terms of products because you have a wide range of anti-ageing products to choose from. In fact, the type of product you use may depend on personal preference. However, you should still avoid harmful ingredients such as fragrances, synthetic colouring, and acids.

Knowing your skin type is the key to finding the best possible anti-ageing skin care product for you.

What You Need to Know About Hair Extensions Before Making Your First Purchase

If you’ve never purchased hair extensions before, you want to take a few minutes to note a few differences between the many types that are available. This is true if you are getting extensions for your own use or are buying extensions for a salon you manage, as you want the highest quality product but may also be concerned about your budget. Note a few things to remember about hair extensions before you choose your first type and style so you know you make the right decision when it comes time to shop.

1. Remy extensions

It is easy to think that remy extensions refer to a brand name, but this is not the case. Remy refers to hair extensions that came from the ponytail of one donor. This makes them very high-quality, as using hair extensions from one donor means that the cuticles of the hair all line up and the hair growth is all headed in the same direction. This makes the hair easier to work with and makes it look more natural overall, since there is likely to be less tangling when the cuticles and hair strands are aligned.

2. Silicone coated hair

Some hair extensions will be advertised as being silicone coated. This coating is put over hair, usually synthetic hair, after an acid bath that makes strands less tangled. This silicone then makes strands seem softer and smoother and adds a shiny coating. While this may look good when you get hair extensions right out of the package, please note that the silicone washes off very easily and doesn’t last very long; it’s simply a temporary fix to poor-quality extensions. The raw hair will then begin to feel dry and brittle and won’t have that shine it started with after just a few washings.

3. Application

Many types of hair extensions will come prepared for how they will be applied. This might include tape, tips for heat applications, and clips. For applying hair extensions yourself, be sure you choose the type of application that you can manage yourself, as some methods, such as applying heat to the tips, can be difficult for someone with no formal training. For a salon, it is also vital that you choose hair extensions that your staff are trained in when it comes to their application, so you know they’ll be handled properly and your clients will get the best results.

How to Update Your Summer Wardrobe on a Budget

When the summer months roll around, you are likely to spend more time outdoors, being sociable, or perhaps even inviting people to your house for garden parties. It’s a really fun time of year to be in Australia, but it can also be stressful when you feel like you don’t have an epic summer wardrobe to match up with your epic summer plans. And when you’d rather not get in debt trying to keep up-to-date with the latest apparel trends, the summer can suddenly seem stressful when it should be fun.

But, actually, you can update your summer wardrobe for next to nothing. Here’s how:

Update with accessories. Rather than buying totally new pieces, it can be more cost effective to invest in a handful of cheap accessories that can be used to update clothes that you already have. For example, a simple silk scarf can be found in most thrift stores, and with this one scarf, you can place it around your waist to create a new belt, you can tie it around your wrist to make a chic summer bracelet, or you can tie it in your hair to keep your hair out of your face on beach days.

Remember that footwear is key. It’s so frustrating when you can’t find the right shoes to go with an outfit you have put together, and this is why it’s really important to think about summer shoes that can serve a lot of purposes. A simple pair of strappy black sandals are always going to be a worthwhile investment, and you can make them look somewhat dressier by simply adding stones that you can find in any craft store. These sandals will allow your feet to breathe in the summer sunshine, they can be worn from day to night, and they can be teamed with virtually any choice of clothing.

Consider cut-offs from old pants. Most people have old pairs of jeans or trousers in their wardrobe that they can’t bear to throw out but, realistically, aren’t going to wear again. These jeans, however, could be updated into a pair of funky cut-offs, and all you need is a pair of scissors – no sewing skills required. Simply cut the jeans a few inches south of where you want them to sit, and then you can roll up the remaining material to create a clean line. In a matter of seconds, you will have created yourself a brand new pair of denim shorts. 

Keep these tips in mind as you update your wardrobe and check out local apparel retailers. 

3 Ways to Save Money on a Manicure

When your nails look right, you can feel like a totally new person, ready to tackle whatever comes your way. But beauty comes with a price, and you may not think that you can afford to visit your local nail salon every time you need a beauty pick-me-up. However, with a little savvy, you can save money on your manicures so that you can indulge when you need to and always look your very best. Just follow these tips.

Take a trip to beauty school. Your manicurist spent a long time learning her craft, and it’s only fair that you should pay her well for the service. There are, however, some people who are still learning their craft, and you can find them enlisted in beauty therapy courses right across Australia. Very often, these beauty schools will offer manicures (as well as other treatments such as facials and massages) at bargain basement prices. Of course, there is some risk involved because your manicurist will still be learning their trade, but it’s still better than a DIY slick of nail polish on the bus. Find an establishment like the Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College to make an appointment.

Take your own polish. One of the nice things about visiting a nail salon is choosing the polish from the many varieties on offer, but if you want to save some money, it can be a good idea to bring your own. This is not because there is any additional cost associated with picking a nail polish at a salon, but because when your manicure starts to chip, as it invariably will at some point, you can touch up the manicure job yourself and extend the time your manicure looks slick until your next appointment.

Protect your nails in between appointments. Many people need to see their manicurist more often than they really should, simply because they don’t take good care of their nails in between appointments. Every time you open a can of cola, scrub your kitchen floor, or remove a price sticker from a gift, you are at risk of damaging your nails. Get a bit smarter about this and ask a colleague to open your can of drink for you, and when you are cleaning your house, always make sure your nails are protected from both the chemicals and the hard work of cleaning by wearing thick rubber gloves.

Follow these tips and your purse will be fuller while your nails will make the very best impression.

Creating the Impression of Thicker Brows

Thick brows continue to be extremely popular, for everyone from high-fashion models to the woman in the street. They frame the face and draw attention to the eyes, creating a youthful and well-rested appearance. However, not all of us are blessed with naturally thick brows. Here are some tips to create the impression of thicker brows. 

Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow tinting can be a great way to create an impression of fuller eyebrows. Lighter-coloured brows tend to look more scant, even if they are thick. Tinting a great way to look more youthful if your eyebrows have started to look grey. You can also take naturally blond or light-brown eyebrows to a new level dying them a few shades darker. Tinted eyebrows can be a great way to create extra definition to your face even when you aren’t wearing makeup, which can be a huge advantage if you like the natural look.

Eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow makeup can help to colour in any gaps in your eyebrows or to colour your eyebrows darker. This technique does take a little more time when you put on makeup in the morning, but it gives you the flexibility to create different looks depending on whether you are wearing a full face of night-time makeup or a more subtle look. If you live in a warm, sweaty climate or regularly swim, eyebrow makeup can sometime smudge and run, so it’s good to choose a waterproof formula.

Eyebrow tattooing

If you have a gap in your eyebrow hair, this can create the impression of less-full brows. Tattooing can fill in gaps and create some extra strokes and feathering within the brow to make the brows look fuller. It’s a great way to permanently fill brows, but if you use semi-permanent ink the job can need touching up regularly as the dye fades, creating a lighter colour than originally intended. As tattooing can be a semi-permanent solution, it’s a good idea not to get anything too dramatic done with your brows, as trends can change and you may find yourself regretting a dated-looking brow shape.

If you are looking to update your look with fuller eyebrows, why not head into your local beauty spa with a picture of the brows you would like? The employees can take a look at the natural texture of your brows and help to work out a solution that will give the effect you’d like.   

Why You Should Enlist the Services of Work Wear Suppliers

Building a business, whether you’re providing goods or services, is grueling. Every single decision you make is in the hopes that it will better your business and increase your bottom line. Once you’re almost ready to launch your company, there is still one last task to accomplish: you must find ways that would make your business and your employees stand out from the rest of the crowd. One of the ways of doing this would be to opt for work wear supplies. Some businesses, especially startups, tend to overlook having purchased uniforms for their staff. This may not be the best decision, though, as these uniforms can work toward enhancing your overall business. Here are some of the reasons why you should enlist the services of work wear suppliers for your business uniforms.

Business uniforms provide advertising for your company

No matter if a business is big or small, it will always benefit from advertising. Advertising is the foremost method of reaching potential customers and converting them into actual clients. This is why advertising costs a lot when you consider the various channels available such as print, television, or radio. However, you are not only limited to these advertising channels. Business uniforms are also a great way of getting your brand out to the masses. As your employees interact with outsiders, their uniforms will uphold your corporate image and could even act as a conversation starter about your business. Therefore, investing in the services of work wear suppliers also translates into investing in advertising for your business.

Business uniforms instill a level of trust in your company

When it comes to business clients, attracting them to buy your goods and services is just part of the work. You also have to take measures toward retaining them and building brand loyalty. How do business uniforms do this? For one, business uniforms make your organization appear professional. If your employees are looking professional, potential and current clients will have a sense that these employees are in control and know exactly what they are doing. Additionally, the uniforms make your business appear successful, as you will be giving off an aura of being organized. All these feelings work toward instilling trust in your company’s brand.

Business uniforms foster team mentality

With business uniforms, you do not have to worry about employees sizing each other up every single day. Since they are all dressed the same, they begin fostering a sense of working toward the same goal. Due to this, they will not view each other as competition, but as a family working toward accomplishing the same goal. This works to enhance productivity as well as morale in your company. 

Hairdressing Equipment| 3 Vital Features To Look For in Your Next Salon Hair Dryer

Whether you run a home-based or commercial hairdressing salon, you’re going to have to find the right hairdressing equipment to give it a professional feel. If you specialise in haircuts and styles, chances are you’re going to need a salon-worthy hairdryer to set and style hair. This type of salon equipment comes with superior features over regular varieties. Look for these vital features before purchasing your next salon hair dryer.

High Power           

Home hairdryers can survive with lower levels of power, but when you’re running a professional salon, you’ll want to invest in higher-powered hair dryers to dry hair quicker. Make sure you look for hair dryers with higher wattage. Many professional hair dryers come with different wattage degrees, so you may want to choose a few different ones for your salon to suit different hair types. For example, hair dryers with highest wattages are better for thick and curly hair, while moderate wattage is suitable for thin and straight hair. This hairdressing equipment type will reduce drying time and improve your professional efficiency.

Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology

Composite ceramic material is made from clay. It is usually used for coating the hairdryer body, heating element and internal components. Ceramic controls blow dryer heat to distribute it more evenly across hair. This helps to preserve the hair’s natural lustre and moisture. Tourmaline is a mineral that is used to mould internal parts of hair dryers. This helps to smoothen hair by retaining moisture and sealing cuticles to combat frizz. Because tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral, these types of hair dryers can get expensive, but the results are well worth it. And if you’re able to put your hair dryer to good use, you’ll recover the cost in no time with more clients at your disposal.

Multiple Attachments

When buying hairdressing equipment for your salon, you’ll naturally want the best use out of them. In the case of hairdryers, you’ll want them to come with multiple attachments to help you create a desired hairstyle. For example, a nozzle attachment will help to smooth hair by concentrating airflow directly on a specific hair area. The downward direction of the airflow from the nozzle attachment will prevent flyaway hair. If you’re looking to create a curly hairstyle for your client, you may want a diffuser with your hairdryer. This will spread out the hair dryer airflow to help you create a curled look.

When choosing hairdressing equipment like hairdryers, look for these vital features to enhance your workplace efficiency.