Hairdressing Equipment| 3 Vital Features To Look For in Your Next Salon Hair Dryer

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Hairdressing Equipment| 3 Vital Features To Look For in Your Next Salon Hair Dryer

11 November 2015
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Whether you run a home-based or commercial hairdressing salon, you're going to have to find the right hairdressing equipment to give it a professional feel. If you specialise in haircuts and styles, chances are you're going to need a salon-worthy hairdryer to set and style hair. This type of salon equipment comes with superior features over regular varieties. Look for these vital features before purchasing your next salon hair dryer.

High Power           

Home hairdryers can survive with lower levels of power, but when you're running a professional salon, you'll want to invest in higher-powered hair dryers to dry hair quicker. Make sure you look for hair dryers with higher wattage. Many professional hair dryers come with different wattage degrees, so you may want to choose a few different ones for your salon to suit different hair types. For example, hair dryers with highest wattages are better for thick and curly hair, while moderate wattage is suitable for thin and straight hair. This hairdressing equipment type will reduce drying time and improve your professional efficiency.

Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology

Composite ceramic material is made from clay. It is usually used for coating the hairdryer body, heating element and internal components. Ceramic controls blow dryer heat to distribute it more evenly across hair. This helps to preserve the hair's natural lustre and moisture. Tourmaline is a mineral that is used to mould internal parts of hair dryers. This helps to smoothen hair by retaining moisture and sealing cuticles to combat frizz. Because tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral, these types of hair dryers can get expensive, but the results are well worth it. And if you're able to put your hair dryer to good use, you'll recover the cost in no time with more clients at your disposal.

Multiple Attachments

When buying hairdressing equipment for your salon, you'll naturally want the best use out of them. In the case of hairdryers, you'll want them to come with multiple attachments to help you create a desired hairstyle. For example, a nozzle attachment will help to smooth hair by concentrating airflow directly on a specific hair area. The downward direction of the airflow from the nozzle attachment will prevent flyaway hair. If you're looking to create a curly hairstyle for your client, you may want a diffuser with your hairdryer. This will spread out the hair dryer airflow to help you create a curled look.

When choosing hairdressing equipment like hairdryers, look for these vital features to enhance your workplace efficiency.