3 Ways to Save Money on a Manicure

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3 Ways to Save Money on a Manicure

15 April 2016
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When your nails look right, you can feel like a totally new person, ready to tackle whatever comes your way. But beauty comes with a price, and you may not think that you can afford to visit your local nail salon every time you need a beauty pick-me-up. However, with a little savvy, you can save money on your manicures so that you can indulge when you need to and always look your very best. Just follow these tips.

Take a trip to beauty school. Your manicurist spent a long time learning her craft, and it's only fair that you should pay her well for the service. There are, however, some people who are still learning their craft, and you can find them enlisted in beauty therapy courses right across Australia. Very often, these beauty schools will offer manicures (as well as other treatments such as facials and massages) at bargain basement prices. Of course, there is some risk involved because your manicurist will still be learning their trade, but it's still better than a DIY slick of nail polish on the bus. Find an establishment like the Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College to make an appointment.

Take your own polish. One of the nice things about visiting a nail salon is choosing the polish from the many varieties on offer, but if you want to save some money, it can be a good idea to bring your own. This is not because there is any additional cost associated with picking a nail polish at a salon, but because when your manicure starts to chip, as it invariably will at some point, you can touch up the manicure job yourself and extend the time your manicure looks slick until your next appointment.

Protect your nails in between appointments. Many people need to see their manicurist more often than they really should, simply because they don't take good care of their nails in between appointments. Every time you open a can of cola, scrub your kitchen floor, or remove a price sticker from a gift, you are at risk of damaging your nails. Get a bit smarter about this and ask a colleague to open your can of drink for you, and when you are cleaning your house, always make sure your nails are protected from both the chemicals and the hard work of cleaning by wearing thick rubber gloves.

Follow these tips and your purse will be fuller while your nails will make the very best impression.