What You Need to Know About Hair Extensions Before Making Your First Purchase

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What You Need to Know About Hair Extensions Before Making Your First Purchase

19 April 2016
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If you've never purchased hair extensions before, you want to take a few minutes to note a few differences between the many types that are available. This is true if you are getting extensions for your own use or are buying extensions for a salon you manage, as you want the highest quality product but may also be concerned about your budget. Note a few things to remember about hair extensions before you choose your first type and style so you know you make the right decision when it comes time to shop.

1. Remy extensions

It is easy to think that remy extensions refer to a brand name, but this is not the case. Remy refers to hair extensions that came from the ponytail of one donor. This makes them very high-quality, as using hair extensions from one donor means that the cuticles of the hair all line up and the hair growth is all headed in the same direction. This makes the hair easier to work with and makes it look more natural overall, since there is likely to be less tangling when the cuticles and hair strands are aligned.

2. Silicone coated hair

Some hair extensions will be advertised as being silicone coated. This coating is put over hair, usually synthetic hair, after an acid bath that makes strands less tangled. This silicone then makes strands seem softer and smoother and adds a shiny coating. While this may look good when you get hair extensions right out of the package, please note that the silicone washes off very easily and doesn't last very long; it's simply a temporary fix to poor-quality extensions. The raw hair will then begin to feel dry and brittle and won't have that shine it started with after just a few washings.

3. Application

Many types of hair extensions will come prepared for how they will be applied. This might include tape, tips for heat applications, and clips. For applying hair extensions yourself, be sure you choose the type of application that you can manage yourself, as some methods, such as applying heat to the tips, can be difficult for someone with no formal training. For a salon, it is also vital that you choose hair extensions that your staff are trained in when it comes to their application, so you know they'll be handled properly and your clients will get the best results.